The Gay Agenda


By Bill Chenevert

DVD: May 20 sees the release of two powerful gay documentaries on disc. Francois Chenu, a 29 year-old gay man in France, was confronted in a public park by three neofascist skinheads. When he refused to deny his homosexuality, he was beaten to unconsciousness and thrown in a pond to drown. Beyond Hatred is the very real documentary by Olivier Meyrou that chronicles the parents of the victim and the accused and explores what makes people hate, grieve and forgive. On a lighter note, Meema Spadola, the daughter of a lesbian, tells the story of five families -- African American, Latino and white; Mormon, Christian, and Jewish -- in Our House: Kids of Gay and Lesbian Parents. Netflix them both today, or buy them here.

FESTIVAL: MondoHomo Dirty South 2008 goes annual with a Memorial Day coup after the success of last June's 'alternaqueer culturefest' in Atlanta. Kiki Carr (the festival's founder) and crew have lined up a host of queer happenings from Friday, May 23 to Sunday, May 26, including a hip-hop night MC'd by Tim'm West at Lenny's Bar, and Mondo Fagspolitation, a night of film featuring the new documentary Pansy Division: Life in a Gay Rock Band. Check out the website here.