Barefoot and Racing


By Edgar Casillas

Are you aware of your gay fanbase?
Yeah, definitely! They are among my hugest supporters, and they run one of my most successful fan sites as well. did a feature on you that suggested you worked by the mantra "What Would Madonna Do?" meaning you would do something only if Madonna would agree to do it. Is this true?
Ha! I think they are joking around. That's quite funny, actually. Someone asked me that before, and I never knew where they got that from because it was really weird. I guess that's where they got it from. So funny.

There's been some implication that while your music is really strong, the sales numbers you have are mostly based on hype. What do you think about that?
I give people a lot more credit. I feel that is suggesting that people can't think for themselves. People can think for themselves, and sometimes that site [] can be a bit cheeky and a bit rude, but the people that are supporting me and writing me letters are amazing -- loving and supportive and very intelligent. I think that speaks for itself, really.

Who did you dress up and sing into a hairbrush to when you were younger?
I used to sing a lot of Michael Jackson into the hairbrush. Didn't really dress up as him, though!

Do you still consider him an inspiration?
Definitely. I feel he's still a legend. I think his performances are incredible and his shows are great. I still think he is an influence, but for me someone like Anita Baker was a influence too.

I know your first album is barely out here, but what can we expect from your second album?
I have literally so many influences, from classic to rock. I've got a lot of different places where I want to go and experiment with and incorporate into my sound. There will be an evolution.

Last question: If you were on a deserted island and could take only one record with you, what would it be?
This is so hard! I'd say Eva Cassidy's "Fields of Gold." I just love her voice and her songs.