The Gay Agenda


By Edgar Casillas

FLICK: It's no secret that often the most heterosexual of films are by far the gayest. Not one to disappoint its gay constituents, Hollywood delivers Never Back Down to theaters this Friday, March 14. The mixed martial arts film stars Sean Faris (above) as the new kid in school, who is challenged by both Cam Gigandet for fighting supremacy and Baja Miller for right to the title of token beauty. While the plot doesn't necessarily scream best original screenplay, the shirtless and toned fighting boys, mentored by the great Djimon Hounsou, definitely aren't bad on the eyes or the imagination, which is sometimes all one needs at the movies. Preview the trailer and tasty man-candy here.

DEBUT: Alistair McCartney launches his first novel, The End of the World Book this Tuesday, March 13 at Rapture Caf' and Books, 200 Avenue A (between 12th and 13th). Described as an 'A to Z encyclopedia of philosophical obsession and homoerotic fixations,' the novel examines the often hazy relationship between reality and the imagination. McCartney's partner and performance artist, Tim Miller, will be joining and presenting a selection from the collection 1001 Beds at the event, which begins at 8 pm.