King Of Pain


By Noah Michelson

I noticed your tattoos in the video. What are they of?
I have one on my chest that is sort of the most goth tattoo of all time. It's the number 13 inside a heart done by a gang member in my neighborhood.

Like with a Bic pen?
Almost. He had a tattoo gun, but it was kind of half-homemade. I think it was just about trying to embrace bad things as much as good things.

How old were you when you got it?
Not that long ago! I don't have any good excuse for any bad tattoos. One I got when I was 20, and it's probably the least dumb one I have.

How many do you have total?
Not a ton. Actually, I've gotten a couple people's names tattooed on me that I've gotten other tattoos over. I didn't really regret it at the time. It's super-romantic. I do have one Russian prison gang tattoo. I got really involved in the prisoners' literature project, which sends books to prisoners in the U.S., and through that I've become really interested in the plight of the incarcerated and the worldwide lack of interest in rehabilitating people, and at the same time some people have done some really bad shit. That tattoo is an attempt to remind myself that the U.S. has the most incarcerated people in the entire world, and to give those people an extra prayer every day.

With the election coming up, do you want to go on record and give your endorsement to anybody?
If I could fucking endorse somebody, I would!

So, that's a "no"?
No! It's not that I don't want to give my endorsement, it's just that there's no one to give it to. I mean, I am ecstatic that Bush and Cheney only have one more year, and I'm just praying to God that they don't use this last year to set off a nuclear bomb and say that Iran did it and start martial law all over the planet, which they certainly have time to do. The Republicans -- none of them seem like insane war mongers. But on the other side, the Democrats -- no one is being ultra anti-war, no one is being particularly pro-peace, and no one is really talking hard about the environment at all. It's somewhat early in the process, but my faith in electoral politics is really wearing thin, which scares the hell out of me. Who are you guys endorsing?

Oh, we're all fun and games and RuPaul over here at Out.
[Laughs] I guess if the political scene is totally fucked and boring, then we should be into RuPaul as much as anyone.

See the video for "I Do What I Want When I Want" here.

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