Lunch Date With Sandra Lee


By Editors

Author/TV host of Semi-Home Made Cooking With Sandra Lee (Food Network), Lee has been described by Kitchen Confidential author Anthony Bourdain as 'Betty Crocker after a weekend of huffing crack.' Her memoir, Made From Scratch, was recently published by Meredith Books.

She opened her fridge to Out's snoopy staff and 'fessed up to her daily dish.

Day 1

Bottle of Evian
Starbucks vanilla soy latte
Cheese omelet with a side of bacon

Chicken enchilada with mole sauce with all the fixin's on the side (I like to create my own masterpiece, and I ask for all the goodies on the side so I get a plate of black beans, sour cream, guac, and cheese).

I cooked up a fabulous steak dinner for my sweetie and me. I seared a great rib-eye cut with a lot of butter, olive oil, and garlic. Boiled some pasta, al dente of course, with some tomatoes, garlic, a little tomato paste, fresh onion, Italian parsley, and basil -- and had a bottle of red wine!

Day 2

Bottle of Evian
Starbucks vanilla soy latte -- a large!
Cream of wheat brulee and fruit plate

I had a lunch meeting at one of my favorite spots in the world -- the fireplace of the Four Seasons hotel. I can be seen here regularly in the winter time with my best gay boyfriend, Jeffrey, noshing on caviar and sipping Opus One. I kept with the iced tea (they always change the flavors, but I stick with their original), a sparkling water, and the kobe beef burger and fries. I don't think it's a meal unless there's meat involved.

French bistro: Onion tartlet to start. Then, mussels with white wine and shallots, and a side of French fries with Dijon mustard.

Our Nutritionist says:
Gay boyfriends are great for breakup conversations, and Sandy may want to have a little chat with hers about losing that soy latte in the morning. Soy is a controversial topic, but the experts do agree that the highly processed form of soy that Sandy's drinking every morning is a common allergen, usually genetically modified (unless otherwise stated). Luckily, Sandy isn't going buck wild with the soy and isn't eating it in the form of burgers, shakes, pills, and awkwardly shaped turkeys. Also, Sandy is not afraid of the butter and meat, which more and more experts agree are not the deadly foods once claimed -- remember that grass-fed organic meat and dairy products are the best. I do see that Sandy may be missing what almost the whole country is missing in their diet and may want to start a nosh-fest on more greens, grains, fruits, and beans.

Coleen De Vol is a Brooklyn'based certified nutrition consultant (American Association of Drugless Practitioners) and founder of

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