The Gay Agenda


By Peter Schaus

DVD: The best part of One Tree Hill is not the campy, over-the-top storylines (Peyton gets terrorized online by a boy she thought was her brother! Dan gets a mysterious e-mail from someone saying they "know what he's done"! Cyber-bullying is the new teen pregnancy!). It's not the inherent (or maybe projected) homoeroticism between hotties Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty. It's not even all the Cutting Edge cracks you can make every time Moira Kelly pops up onscreen. The best part of the show is watching the interplay between ex-marrieds Murray and Sophia Bush and trying to detect whatever bitterness, resentment, and awkwardness still lingers between the two. One Tree Hill: The Complete Fourth Season is out on DVD Dec. 19--and boy was it a doozy. Rachel makes the cover of Maxim, Lucas's dead uncle returns from the grave, and Peyton gets kidnapped on the day of the prom. Still not convinced? Check out this video from an early episode of CMM coming out of a locker room shower.

TUBE: Lucky for us, Tyra Banks is not taking the Oprah route and endorsing one candidate right away. Oh no, she will interview each and every presidential hopeful until she finds out which one will let her and Mama Banks "have a slumber party in the Lincoln Bedroom." Hopefully she'll take a cue from her infamous Obama interview when John Edward appears on her show Dec. 15 and ask him what's on his iPod and what he really thinks about Paris Hilton. Edward gets third billing after Babyface and Survivor's Jeff Probst. Tyra Banks is syndicated, so check local listings for times and channels. In the meantime, watch this way-too-bad-to-pass-up clip from Life Size where Tyra sings with a pre-damaged Lindsay Lohan.

WEB: Feel uncomfortable importing your iTunes into your computer at work? Don't want your coworkers to know 'It's All Over,' the epic sonic catfight from Dreamgirls, is on your Top 25 Most Played list? Then check out Type in the name of a song or an artist you like and they'll make you a customized playlist that's totally safe for work. Not only can you enjoy your favorite guilty pleasures without the fear of water-cooler mocking, you'll also get exposed to the hottest new artists and songs.