Build Up and Release


By Matthew Breen

Here's what we were looking forward to in 2007, how anticipated it was (on a scale of 10) and how each ultimately panned out.



Anticipation: 6. Some of us curmudgeonly queers were lamenting John Travolta stepping into Divine's mules as Edna Turnblad, and the mass-marketing of trashmeister Waters.
Payoff: 9. Box office was hot, reviews were overwhelmingly positive, and both Travolta and Queen Latifah put on a dress.

Grey's Anatomy: Real Life Soap Opera

Anticipation: 2. Who knew this show for 30-something women would erupt in such a volatile way?
Payoff: 9. The whole Dr. McDreamy-vs.-Isaiah Washington-turned-T.R. Knight-versus-Washington-turned-Katherine Heigl-versus-Washington was the best he said-he said-she said on TV. Plus rehab for homophobia. Really?

Xanadu on Broadway

Anticipation: 4. Jane Krakowski was set to star in (yet another) stage remake of a film -- this time the clunker that nearly derailed Olivia Newton-John's career -- then she didn't. James Carpinello was injured in previews, and all seemed lost for Kira.
Payoff: 10. With Kerry Butler's genius ON-J impersonation, Jackie Hoffman as a pissed-off Muse, and hunky Cheyenne Jackson strapping on the roller skates, the show was an instant hit-hilarious, and while ostensibly hetero, it was oh so queer.