The Gay Agenda


By Peter Schaus

TUBE: On the upcoming episode of Ugly Betty, main gay Marc (Michael Urie) gets his very first love interest. Turns out everyone's favorite ashmatic fashion assistant is a chubby chaser. In the same vein, flamboyant 12-year-old Justin elicits further questions about his sexuality when he starts dating his first girlfriend. We're going to venture a guess that she'll spend a good part of her twenties wondering why all her exes loved musicals so much. Ugly Betty airs Thursday, October 25 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

DVD: The day-to-day adventures of sassy teenage sleuth Veronica Mars were cancelled far too quickly. Check out this Nancy Drew-with-a-vengeance's first year of college by picking up Veronica Mars: The Complete Third Season. The final season of the critically acclaimed show--which features an episode in which Veronica's sex tape gets leaked to the internet!--comes out Tuesday, October 23.

BALLS: Maybe there are some bad lesbian tennis players in the world, but we've never heard of them. Those disappointed with this year's U.S. Open can look forward to the Bayou Women's Tennis Tournament from October 19-21 in New Orleans, La. For more information, log on to