The Gay Agenda


By Peter Schaus

FLICK: In the October issue of Out Ben Foster gives us the scoop on his new thriller, 30 Days of Night, calling it "a stone-cold horror film -- with intelligence." Helmed by Hard Candy's David Slade and based on the popular graphic novel of the same name, the film tells the story of a group of vampires who descend upon an Alaskan town as the sun begins to set for -- you guessed it -- 30 days. Bonus: The flick costars the criminally hot Josh Hartnett. See it when it opens in theaters Friday, October 19.

TUNES: Gay fans had reason to rejoice when Julie Taymor, director of Broadway's The Lion King, announced she would make a big-screen musical based on the Beatles songbook. It sounds like a risky endeavor, but the soundtrack to her film Across the Universe stays true to the Fab Four's classics while adopting a theatrical sensibility and giving certain songs a welcome overhaul (check out "I Want to Hold Your Hand," remade as an emo anthem, and Bono's "I Am the Walrus"). The deluxe edition of Across the Universe: Music from the Motion Picture hits stores Tuesday, October 23.