Days of Summer Calendar


By Jason Lamphier

JULY 30: With Cell Phone Courtesy Month drawing to a close, here are three tips to keep you and your unit in check: (1) That spankin' new iPhone is just about everything rolled into one'but it's not a boom box. Keep your music at a volume that won't perturb the passengers around you. Trust us'almost no one could stomach your thumping 'Umbrella' remix at 8:00 a.m. (2) Save the elaborate ring tones for home. We love the Facts of Life theme song too'but we don't need to hear it all day long in the office. (3) Again, sharing isn't always caring. End those obnoxious personal calls in the elevator.

JULY 31: If you can't wait for the next Kate Bush album'which probably won't hit stores for another 10 years'young British singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, and visual artist Natasha Khan'a.k.a. Bat for Lashes'is bound to satisfy your hunger for brooding, ethereal electro-folk. Her new album, Fur and Gold, was inspired by one of Khan's dreams, in which a black horse appeared and sent her on a fateful quest. Yeah, it sounds a little heavy, but these dark, s'ance-ready ditties about natural forces, swallowing oceans, and gritty urban living are by turns haunting and refreshing. Warning: 'Sad Eyes' could cause just that.

AUGUST 1: Twenty-five years after he unveiled his underwear collection, Calvin Klein is still the sovereign of skivvies. His new Steel line won't disappoint. The extra wide waistband with its super-large logo may be a bit ostentatious, but ain't that the point? Better yet are the two materials he's added to the garments: a satiny cotton for a looser fit and a microfiber weave for a tighter hold. Bonus: Strapping Blood Diamond actor Dijimon Hounsou is the new model for Klein's campaign.

AUGUST 2: Toss that insipid, dairy-free slop aside. It's National Ice Cream Sandwich Day'yes, we're serious'so go ahead and splurge.

AUGUST 3: Shed a few pounds and brush up on your French at Le Grand Tour, which kicks off in Quebec. The excursion lasts eight days, spans 500 miles, and will include more than 2,000 cyclists in Spandex. The T-shirts for the event read'we'll translate for non-Francophones''Life is simple. Eat. Sleep. Ride your bike.' We'd add another sweat-inducing pasttime to that list, but get more info here.

AUGUST 4: This year's Carnival Parade at Brighton, England Pride is a surefire feast for showmos. Expect flamboyant floats and dance numbers from Grease, West Side Story, Moulin Rouge, and Chicago. Oh, yeah, and cocktails. has the details.

AUGUST 5: Less ambitious lads should check out the action-packed sci-fi thriller The Bourne Ultimatum, director Paul Greengrass's third installment in the spy-filled series chronicling the adventures of android-hitman Jason Bourne, played by Matt Damon. This time around, Bourne continues to scrape together his past while a government agent tries to chase him down after a shootout in Moscow.