Six Network TV Shows that Really Need to Get a Gay Character


By Editors

We love Alec Mapa on Half & Half. And, yes, the gay characters on Desperate Housewives, ER, Commander in Chief, and Out of Practice are fantastic. Will & Grace soldiers on toward its end, and we'd love ABC to bring Fred Savage (and his gay Crumbs character) back to the air. But where is the fresh meat? Far be it from us to tell executive producers what to do, but we have a few helpful suggestions that would spice up any network show'and work seamlessly into their stories.

Grey's Anatomy
Series creator Shonda Rhimes has done a wonderful job of creating an ethnically diverse cast of characters on her hit show. And, yes, Joe, who owns the bar the doctors frequent on this soapy medical drama, showed up on a Thanksgiving episode with his boyfriend. But really, with all these incredibly diverse main characters, it would make total sense for one of them to be queer.

When we asked if there would be any gay castaways, executive producer Damon Lindelof teased us at the start of the season that we should keep watching the show. Well, we've been watching. And watching. And watching. C'mon! We love the Jack-Kate-Sawyer-Ana Lucia quadrangle, but by the odds, at least one of the 40-something people on the island has got to be gay'and we'd love to see their flashback: Perhaps they were attending gay Mardi Gras in Sydney?

Veronica Mars
Since UPN's sassy 'n' smart teenage detective inherited the Buffy throne, we have longed to see Ms. Mars get a gay best friend. Yes, the show has had some strong gay characters as guest stars, but with her razor-sharp wit and outsider status, there's no way a hot gay boy wouldn't have worked his way to being Veronica's partner in banter.

Sure, it's going off the air in a few episodes, but after the death (twice, sort of) of her gal pal Francie, kick-ass agent Sidney Bristow could really have used a good gay to hang with. Or better yet, since creator J.J. Abrams was always great with gay characters (think Felicity's Javier), Alias would be the perfect place for the first gay super villain!

CSI: Anything
Don't you think between one of the three different CSI shows airing on CBS, one of the agents would be queer? We vote for the Miami installment for the sexy beach shots.

Gilmore Girls
We really have to take creator Amy Sherman-Palladino to task for never having a significant gay character on her show. Star's Hollow is full of so many colorful characters' well, don't make us bring up the 'rainbow.'

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