Girls We Have Crushes On!


By Editors

Similar to the guy crushes straight guys get on each other, many of us develop nonsexual crushes on women. So we present (in no particular order) a list of 13 women we have hopeless crushes on. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know who you have crushes on too!

Michelle Rodriguez'With her bad girl swagger, her don't-even-think-about-fucking-with-me sneer, and that sweet, sweet smile, who wouldn't want to get lost with her?

Kate Winslet'Despite her being such a chameleon it's still hard to fathom that she's gotten four Academy Award nominations'all before the age of 30. Which role was she most illuminating in? Hard to choose. The murderous Juliet in Heavenly Creatures? The tragic Sue in Jude? The free-spirited Clementine in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? The independent Rose in Titanic? The brain-washed Ruth in Holy Smoke? She brings such depth to her performances you can't take your eyes off of her when she's on-screen. This is all without even mentioning her flawless English-rose beauty.

Cynthia Nixon'We've been in love with Cynthia Nixon since her teenage days in Amadeus and The Manhattan Project. She was the pretty girl who wasn't the bimbo. She brought a braininess to her roles, even when she was just The Girl. Working mainly on the stage and in small roles in small films for so many years, it was satisfying to see her break through in a big way with her role as cynical Miranda Hobbes on Sex and the City. And when she came out'we didn't know our love could get that much deeper!

Ren'e Zellweger'From her breakthrough role as sweet Dorothy Boyd in Jerry Maguire through her heart-breaking performance as Claire in White Oleander and her Oscar-nominated Chicago role, Zellweger elevates every project she's in. She even made a Chris O'Donnell movie (The Bachelor) bearable. No, really. Think about that. Her range is practically insurmountable among actresses of her generation. The fact that she's supposed to be a real sweetheart certainly doesn't hurt either!

Kimberly Elise'There's a vulnerability underneath Kimberly Elise's emotional armor that makes us love her. Just look at her as shy, desperate-to-be-loved Denver in Beloved, or as the vulnerable T.T. in Set It Off, or the determined Michelle in Woman, Thou Art Loosed. Despite her toughness, you can always see the fragility inside.

Jennifer Love Hewitt'She's adorable, down to earth, and hot as anything. And she sings! What's not to like? We want to be best friends with her!

Jessica Biel'No, we didn't watch Seventh Heaven either. But, damn, no one has ever filled out a cowboy hat as sexily as Biel did in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. She was so smoking, it was hard to keep an eye on the killer sometimes! Hottest. Chick. Ever.

Lisa Loeb'With those black-rimmed glasses, personal lyrics, and plaintive singing voice, who could say no? Apparently, we're not the only ones, as Loeb topped a recent poll asking which pop star most deserved a comeback. We just want to kick back with her and geek out over Hello, Kitty!

Jodie Foster'She's a natural talent and a natural beauty. (Just go back and watch The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane and Taxi Driver.) With those piercing blue eyes, that distinctive voice, and a steely resolve, we'd love to have Jodie be the one to protect us from serial killers, terrorists, looters, you name it.

Anne Heche'Anne's delicate features, blue-blue eyes, and knack for morphing into whatever character she's playing won us over long before she'd ever met Ellen. And in the aftermath, when lots of gays turned on her, forgetting about the 'B' in LGBT, we stood by her, and her career continued to thrive, with a Tony nomination, story arcs on Nip/Tuck and Everwood, and work with A-listers such as Denzel and Nicole.

Hilary Swank'We loved her on 90210, and our feathers were ruffled when she was unceremoniously dumped mid-season. But thus we learned one of the best lessons of all. Sometimes when you don't get what you want, you get what you need. If she hadn't been let go from 90210, she never would have gone on to win an Oscar, immediately trumping every other actor'collectively!'on that show. The second Oscar was gravy. And beyond that she has a killer body and looks to die for. What we wouldn't give for that mouth!

Queen Latifah'She can sing. She can dance. She can rap. She can act. And she's a serious glamour gal. There's something infinitely attractive about her. And for all the glamming up she does, she also seems like the girl next door. There's something to be said for effortless likeability. After hitting the red carpet with her, we want to kick back in our sweats, throw in a DVD, and order Pizza Hut!

Kelly Clarkson'The only American Idol to actually parlay their exposure into long-term success (yes, she was first so she's had more time, but what's Reuben up to?), Clarkson is a bona fide pop star with some of the catchiest tunes out there. 'Since U Been Gone' is an undeniable pop classic! And, man, can that girl sing! You just gotta hear 'Before Your Love' before passing judgement. Take that, Clay!