Seven Ways to Move Past the Election


By Editors

Seven Ways to Move Past the Election

1. Take a deep breath. Then do it again. You're going to need inner strength and serenity to get through the next few years.

2. Find an organization or two that you feel are doing important work in politics or community building. Figure out what you can do'financially, or with your time.

3. If you're part of a faith community, find ways to build bridges with people of faith who have yet to meet gay people. Studies show that knowing an out gay person is an important predictor of attitudes on our issues.

4. Find someone in that 20% of gay/lesbian voters who chose Bush and start talking. (Or bitch-slapping.)

5. Put on a copy of 'What's Going On' and wait for the next Dylan to come along and chronicle our times.

6. Buy a gun and join the Pink Pistols.

7. If all else fails, marry a Canadian or a member of the European community.