Out 100 10th Anniversary


By Bruce Shenitz

Keith Boykin

Not every man has served in the Clinton White House and brawled shirtless at an underground gay fight club. Meet Keith Boykin, who, along the way, nabbed a Harvard law degree, published three books on gay African-Americans, and taught political science at American University. He now heads the National Black Justice Coalition.

Perhaps you've seen him on television, debating everything from black men on the 'down-low' to gay marriage. And now he's become a reality TV star: a mock presidential candidate on Showtime's American Candidate. Boykin sounded every bit the fighter when discussing his defeat on the show: 'I've been aggressive as a campaigner in getting my message out. This is not the end for me; I'm a fighter. We're going to use this to do bigger and better things,' he promised.

Is there a real run for office in this Renaissance man's future? 'Not immediately,' he demurred. 'I don't want to compromise who I am to create some sort of tolerable public image. I'm not ready to live in that kind of fishbowl.' His fishbowl of choice? A politically tinged talk show of his own. Bill Maher, watch out.

Jeff Key
Key (pictured) joined the Marines and went to Iraq before he came out in a letter to his commanding officer. While his discharge under 'don't ask, don't tell' took months to process, he kept serving in the meantime as an openly gay marine! Key is now workshopping a one-man show based on the journals he kept in Iraq.

Heather Matarazzo

Ever since she made her cinematic debut as Dawn 'Wienerdog' Wiener in Welcome to the Dollhouse, we have adored Heather Matarazzo. So imagine our glee when the actress'who costarred this year in Saved! and The Princess Diaries 2'quietly came out this past August in the New York Daily News. 'I met the person I'm so madly crazy in love with,' she told the paper (which, to its credit, did not turn the story into tabloid fodder). 'She's not famous yet. She will be.' Matarazzo and her partner'whom she doesn't name'have been together for two years. Kind of gives new meaning to the scene in Princess Diaries 2 when Matarazzo pops out of the closet to surprise her friend.

To read about the other 93 honorees in the Out 100, as well as our Straight Allies, a special Marriage section, and the Hall of Shame, pick up a copy of the December issue of Out.