Are You a 15-Year-Old Girl Trapped Inside a Gay Man�s Body?


By Editors

10. You watch any television program or movie featuring a member of a boy band.
9. Your dream job is working at the Abercrombie & Fitch at the local mall.
8. You can't wait to get your driver's license.
7. You eat nachos at least once a week, pizza every three days, and still wonder why you aren't losing weight.
6. You pinch the arms of boys you like and run away giggling.
5. You have more than three San Rio accessories on your person at this very moment.
4. You say things like, 'He and I finally went to second base last night.'
3. You think drinking coffee at Denny's past 11 p.m. is totally rebellious.
2. You are considering changing your name to 'Mary J.' to maintain 'street cred.'
1. You think that assassinating Cameron Diaz would give you a chance with Justin Timberlake.