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Pardonnez-Moi, Monsieur! This French Robot Would Like to Park Your Car for You

Pardonnez-Moi, Monsieur! This French Robot Would Like to Park Your Car for You


Whether for business or pleasure, travel is a major part of many LGBTQ people’s lives. This helpful robot could be the difference between a stress-free trip or a missed connection.


According to a 2017 report by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, members of the LGBTQ community accounted for approximately 36 million international overnight travelers last year. That means quite a few packed bags, purchased tickets and hotel key cards.

For many, travel is a regular part of life. Whether it's a weekly business trip or a much-anticipated vacation, heading to the nearest airport and hopping on a plane is an increasingly common experience. But this experience, however common, comes with its own fair share of headaches.

Countless companies have sprung up to help ease the stresses of travel. From inflatable neck pillows to handy travel document apps, there's no shortage of gadgets and gizmos to keep the savvy traveler one step ahead of the travel blues. But no matter how many apps are downloaded or inventions are purchased, there tends to be a single stressor that eludes even the most innovative of travel tools: parking at the airport.

Sure, many have opted for the cab/Uber/Lyft option, but for others, paying for a potentially expensive car ride isn't feasible. And while some may have benevolent friends or family members willing to ferry them to their next flight, regular travelers won't want to assume this kindness will last forever. So, one option remains: trying to find a parking space in labyrinthine airport garages and lots. As if trying to get to a flight on time isn't stressful enough -- now it becomes a potentially trip-ruining chore to nab a spot and get to the gate before the doors close.


It's this very issue that Paris-based firm Stanley Robotics hopes to solve. Meet Stan, the self-driving robot valet coming to an airport near you. Hopefully. For now, the pick-up/drop-off robot is being tested at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, so travelers will have to brush up on their French to try it out.

Marketed as the world's "first outdoor valet parking robot," Stan's charming design and valuable, time-saving service is sure to catch on with other airport locations, especially those suffering from parking and traffic congestion. In partnership with ADP Group, which manages the Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, Stanley Robotics is seeing Stan in action, with impressive results.

Stanley Robotics offers a long list of benefits that Stan brings to airport parking:

  • Travelers simply have to park in a clean, well-lit garage booth, confirm flight information and lock their car. (Users get to keep their keys with them).

  • Each Stan robot is 100 percent electric and can work on any vehicle of any size.

  • Because travelers don't have to enter or exit their vehicles from the parking spaces, Stan can save up to 50 percent more space by parking vehicles closer together, all without requiring major changes to existing lots or garages.

  • Stanley Robotics estimates that a single Stan robot can handle up to 400 cars at a time, and will park 20,000 to 30,000 cars in one year.

  • Because parking information is synced with travelers' flight information, their car will be ready and waiting upon return in the booth where they left it. Simple as that.


Edward Arkwright, Chief Executive Officer at ADP Group had this to say about the new service:

"The automated valet service meets our new brand's commitments while guaranteeing travelers improved time management. Paris airport has chosen a bold new service to continue looking towards the future and innovating for the client. This new service is the direct result of working together with start-ups, Stanley Robotics being one of them."

And how are travelers responding to Stan? Based on the traveler testimonials from the Stanley Robotics website, they couldn't be happier. Paul, one of the first to try Stan, said, "We were very well looked after. It's simple quick and effective ... Bravo." Mary seemed to agree: "I had the pleasure of using [Stan] two weeks ago and I think it is excellent. On Sunday I'm flying to Japan, and I'll readily use it again!"

Following this grand tradition of innovation and continued improvement, the new 2017 Genesis G90 offers drivers an unprecedented driving experience that champions the latest "human-centered luxury" approach. With an eye-catching design and cutting-edge safety features, this is one vehicle travelers (and yes, even Stan the automated valet robot) would love to get their hands on.

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