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We are so over the homophobic marketing campaign for 'Deadpool & Wolverine'

According to Marvel Studios, gay is only okay when it's a joke.

After being outed, Us the Duo's Carissa Rae Martin is ready to speak her truth—on her own terms

In a personal op-ed for Out, the singer is ready to share her story about coming to terms with her queerness and reclaiming her power after it was taken from her.

Stop taking pictures of gay men hooking up in bars & shaming them online

That's what gay bars were invented for!!!

Why Pink's Response to a Troll Is Rubbing Trans People the Wrong Way

Pink responded to a troll comparing her to trans comedian Suzy Eddie Izzard. Unfortunately, her clapback didn't send the message she intended.

White People Don't Own Mermaids

With the reimagined Little Mermaid hitting Disney+, it's a perfect time to remember sea beauties have long been immortalized in cultures around the world.

Jasmin Savoy Brown Is Right: Lesbians Can (And Do) Sleep With Trans Men

On the internet it may be “contradictory” for a lesbian to date or sleep with a trans man, but in real life, it happens every day.

What Taylor Swift and the Lavender Scare Have in Common

A historical reflection on the first track of Midnights, as this queer-coded era of Swift comes to a close.

BenDeLaCreme Talks Heklina's Passing & Why Drag Isn't Going Anywhere

The Drag Race legend pens an essay for Out about her longtime friend and the state of anti-drag sentiment in the US.