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omar ayuso

50 shirtless celebs to help you deal with this hot & sweaty summer

It's been a very hot summer, but looking at these shirtless celebs is a great distraction!

New 'Élite' trailer teases horny, chaotic, & queer AF final season

Omar Ayuso, André Lamoglia, Fernando Líndez, and Ander Puig are all returning for season 8 of Élite.

21 celebs who make manspreading look good

There's plenty of leg room for these guys!

Inked up: 15 sexy queer celebs who proudly rock tattoos

This ink is immaculate!

45 steamy celebrity Calvin Klein ads we'll always be thirsty for

These celebrities were featured in incredibly sexy campaigns for the iconic brand.

This is a Hot 'Élite' Boy Summer & we have the sexy pics to prove it

One thing about the men of Netflix's Élite: they're all pretty hot!

39 male celebs who did full frontal scenes

From Martiño Rivas to Eric Dane, these actors have risen to the challenge of a full frontal scene.

Queer celebrities react to Rafah massacre & show support for Palestine

Celebrities in the LGBTQ+ community are using their platforms to support Rafah.

'Élite's Omar Ayuso just shared a painting of him showing his bare ass

Omar Ayuso really said, "Draw me like one of your French girls!"

20 hotties who perfected the art of the mirror selfie

Taking mirror selfies as thirst traps is a cornerstone of gay culture.

Omar Ayuso Really Wants to Take His Underwear Off in New Photoshoot

We can all relate to those days when you just don’t want to wear any underwear!

Omar's Got a New Man in the 1st 'Elite' Season 7 Trailer

With Ander out of the picture, will fans embrace Omar's new love?

20 Steamy Pics of Fernando Líndez, Omar's New Love Interest on 'Élite'

Season seven of Élite marks the return of Omar Ayuso, and his character is getting a new love interest played by Fernando Líndez.

​45 Steamy Pics of Manu Ríos From 'Élite' & 'Strange Way of Life'

Fans loved Manu Ríos on Élite and can’t wait to see him in Strange Way of Life.