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brokeback mountain

This epic 'Brokeback Mountain' reunion proves that the Gay Yeehaw Agenda is back

The Gay Yeehaw Agenda is officially coming back — and we’re not just talking about the new Beyoncé album.

This Is What It Looked Like When 'Brokeback Mountain' Premiered 18 Years Ago

Ang Lee's Oscar-winning romantic drama was a landmark moment in queer cinema history.

'Strange Way of Life' Director Releases Sad Statement on Film's Nudity

Pedro Almodóvar opened up about the nudity between Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke, who are playing lovers in the film.

​45 Steamy Pics of Manu Ríos From 'Élite' & 'Strange Way of Life'

Fans loved Manu Ríos on Élite and can’t wait to see him in Strange Way of Life.

These 5 LGBTQ+ Cowboy Movies Will Buck Your Bronco

Say "yeehaw" and watch these movies about queer cowboys!

Here's First Look at Pedro Almodóvar's New Queer Western

It stars Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke!