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John Early helps us relive the chaos & comedy of the pandemic in 'Stress Positions'

Out chats with comedian and actor John Early about starring the Neon's new, queer comedy drama Stress Positions.

'Layla's director and star talk drag, family, and sex with high heels

The drama about a British-Arab drag queen recently debuted at the Sundance Film Festival.

Sundance 2024: Aubrey Plaza wins in quirky coming-of-age comedy 'My Old Ass'

However, the film's exploration of bisexuality falls a little bit flat.

25 LGBTQ+ movies we can't wait to watch in 2024

These LGBTQ-inclusive films have us feeling very excited about queer cinema in 2024!

Here are my favorite queer movies I saw at Sundance 2024

These queer movies made an impression on me at the Sundance Film Festival.

Sundance 2024: 'Stress Positions' is part of queer cinema's new vanguard

John Early is hilarious in the COVID era comedy.

Sundance 2024: Trans horror film 'I Saw the TV Glow' transcends the genre

Jane Schoenbrun has a horror hit on their hands with this trans allegory.

Sundance 2024: 'Ponyboi' introduces the world to future Oscar winner River Gallo

The Sundance drama features brilliant performances from Gallo, Dylan O'Brien, Murray Bartlett, Indya Moore, and more!

Sundance 2024: Drag queen film 'Layla' finds joy in being different

Bilal Hasna stars as a British-Arab drag queen trying to fit all the pieces of their life together.

Sundance 2024: 'Love Lies Bleeding' will shock you, change you, & make you cheer

The intense lesbian thriller proudly says “Gay Wrongs” with its whole, beefy chest.

15 iconic LGBTQ+ documentaries that have screened at the Sundance Film Festival

Many of the best queer documentaries have played at the legendary festival.

10 important trans movies that have played at the Sundance Film Festival

Sundance has been home to many groundbreaking trans films over the years.

Queer cinema is shining bright at Sundance 2024—and festival leadership is excited

Sundance's festival director and director of programming are both queer and excited to bring LGBTQ+ cinema to the masses!

15 movies about gay men that have played at the Sundance Film Festival

The Sundance Film Festival has been a part of gay film history for nearly 40 years.

These Are the 14 Queer Films We Can't Wait to See at Sundance 2024

The popular film festival is right around the corner, and here's what we as LGBTQ+ cinephiles are looking forward to the most!

Sundance Film Festival 2023: All the LGBTQ+ Movies We're Excited For

The popular film festival is just right around the corner — and lots of queer titles are getting some shine! 

Queer Sundance Hit 'Am I Ok?' Coming to HBO Max

The film stars Dakota Johnson as a woman who comes out in her 30s.

We Have Enough Tragic White Lesbian Period Romances — Move On

The new film ‘The World to Come’ unfortunately rehashes a lot of tired sapphic stereotypes.

‘Together Together’ Is the Film That Should Make Patti Harrison a Star

The project, which is debuting at Sundance, is also a blueprint for how trans actors should be treated.

Here's All 13 LGBTQ+ Films Premiering at Sundance 2021

Will one of these projects become the next Call Me By Your Name?