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Deep Eddy

The Bettys Premium Drag Pageant: Pixie Aventura

The Bettys Premium Drag Pageant: Pixie Aventura

Pixie Aventura Deep Eddy Betty Pageant

Get to Know Deep Eddy Betty Pixie Aventura


What was your inspiration to start doing drag?

I think it was just a need to perform, and an outlet for my creativity and my ideas. I actually started doing drag in college as a fundraiser for many different organizations, but mostly it was just another chance to perform in college. I got into theater school in my university, and I was one of the founding divas my freshman year. At that point, it was just for fun.

When I moved into the city, as an actor, either you're lucky or it's a lot of work, and I just wasn't getting any results. A coworker of mine from my survival job did drag as well, and they invited me to do a guest spot. I had no idea what I was doing, truly, but that opened up the door to start doing it in the city and little by little, it just became my full-time job.

What was your aesthetic like when you first started, and how did that evolve into your trademark look today?

Anything that was available and fit and affordable. I started doing drag before the Drag Race/YouTube state was all there for your disposal and for you to learn whatever you needed. I started without any of that, truly, just from other drag queens in the scene, or just going into a regular store and buying whatever I could fit into. I didn't start truly getting my aesthetic until I started getting shows. I saw what worked for me, and it really pushed me to push my own boundaries. Pixie was obviously sort of inspired by the Latin culture--because I'm Latin, but the showgirl aspect of it as well. And then Pixie Aventura as the aesthetic, as the beat, is now very futuristic as well.

When you're out with your friends, what's your go-to cocktail?

Well, I've evolved in that aspect as well. I remember my go-to was the Appletini, which I can't even smell the stuff now. Then it evolved into Sex on the Beach, which I don't even know the last time I had that. Then it became vodka tonic with cranberry, and now because of Fire Island and being the most beautiful woman in the can, vodka soda.

What is your favorite vodka cocktail to make for friends?

Two of them really come to mind. Definitely the cosmo, because you can do a simple version of it or you can really do it up. But I think my favorite must be a Moscow mule. It's just very refreshing, especially with the ginger beer--it gives it a little kick. So I think those two are definitely my go-to.


What are your favorite spots to go with friends for a little daytime fun?

There are two, and they're very close to each other. One's a restaurant in the West Village called Decoy. They have a lot of plates with duck in it, and their drinks are amazing. There's even one that comes in a pineapple copper chalet! It's incredible! My other one is Employees Only. I do love the attention that they have to making their cocktails, and it's just a really cool spot to go to.

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Do you ever channel old-school '30s-'50s pinup Betty looks when you're performing? If so, what kind of Betty would you say you are?

I don't--that's not my aesthetic world at all, but I do take inspiration from three types of Bettys. The rocker tattoo pin-up, so obviously bright colors, tattoos, and obviously funky hair dos. I really do love that edginess. The tropical Betty look, like the tight Chino pants, the swim suit, the updos, that's definitely a go-to, which also combines with the show-girl. So that's like my old-school, classic inspiration that I pull from.

Where would we find your Betty out on a Friday night?

Definitely by a beach somewhere, having a fruity upscale cocktail. Probably Miami, probably South Beach.


Tell us the inspiration behind your dragged out, Deep Eddy cocktail.

So, mine was the High Dive Cosmo, and I went literal with it. Obviously it's summer, obviously its tropical, and it's a very upscale, classy, very slammed up cocktail.

The rim was with agave nectar, and then I put gold on it, and it kind of dripped down, also like Charlize Theron in Snow White and the Huntsman: she was just gold. So combining that with just tropical aspects--tropical fruit--making it exotic, and always powdering glitter on top.

How does your cocktail represent a part of you?

Actually, I think, how I glammed it up is exactly who I am. I definitely stay true to my Latin background. I also try to be very opulent and glam, but I always try to combine that with being funny or dumb or dorky while looking as pretty as I can.

There are so many great celebrations going on this year for pride. How will you be celebrating?

Sunday, myself for pride, I'll be hosting brunch at A Lily restaurant, on the 27 and 28 on 5th Avenue right where the parade is. Later on, I'll be at Therapy for a few hours. But I'll also be doing bigger events throughout that whole week, and doing my regular shows, so it's going to be a very busy time!

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