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Kim Petras: What Pride Means To Me

Kim Petras: What Pride Means To Me

Photography: Eric White

The power of music and community.

It starts with pop music. That's how I'd escape as a teenager when I'd get treated roughly at school and it seemed like my life sucked. On would go the headphones, up would go the volume. For a long time it was only my amazing, always supportive parents who saw me for the girl that I knew I was--for everyone else I was a boy.


Photography: Eric White

But music was escape--and my ally. No matter what the other kids said or thought, as long as I had a pair of headphones I was able to survive it all. Now I'm the one writing hit records, and not to brag, but I'm starting to really kill it, babes.


Photography by Eric White

Music has always been my safe place, and so has the LGBTQ community. My friends and live it up at Pride every year. Some of my best memories--including some of my first performances, wildest parties, and most dramatic dramas--are associated with Pride parades. So, whatever happens this Pride season, I just want remind you to celebrate your fabulous, non-conforming self... and let me deliver this year's soundtrack to it all!

Your happiness in that moment, you living for the music and the vibe and letting your cares go: that's what Pride means to me.

Video by Paul Bui

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