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Mark Simpson

Watch: The Penis Is Mightier Than the Paintbrush

Though less easy to soak overnight...

Mark Simpson On the 'Habitual Voyeur'

Is it just me?

Mark Simpson On the Dazzling Bi-Brilliance of Tom Hardy

Mark Simpson analyzes the actor's spe­cial pro­cliv­ity for play­ing 'hard men' who are soft and recept­ive inside.

Undies Create 'Oeufs Masculin a La Francaise'

Apparently, French briefs brand Le Slip Français will turn your ‘oeufs’ into a tasty and nicely-presented h’omelette. 

Mark Simpson: The Rise & Fall of Monosexuality

‘There is no middle ground – you are either het­ero­sexual or homosexual.’

Was ’80s New Wave a Casualty of AIDS?

Mark Simpson on the way AIDS changed the music we listened to

Hollywood Gayze

Mark Simpson on Hollywood heartthrobs going ‘gayish’

Holy Ancient Tight Foreskins!

Poor Priapus had it bad.

Mark Simpson On the Insatiable Size-Queenery of Men

Why does it (always) matter?

Mark Simpson on Military Male Maneuvers — in Thongs

Why guys love 'acting slutty' in homemade vids

Well-Oiled, Precision-Engineered Spornosexuality

Germany's Aldo Vandini lotion creates the sexiest commercial — with the help of a naked man

So, There's This Naked Man Riding the London Underground...

A funny thing happened to Mark Simpson on the way to the "Being a Man" forum

WATCH: Axe's Ad "Kiss the hottest girl—or boy."

Cultural critic Mark Simpson had berated Axe (known as Lynx in other countries) for its hysterical heterosexuality and old-school approach to masculinity. Their new ad makes amends. 

Objectify Yourself

Why straight young men crave gay adulation

Pride & Prejudice

Mark Simpson remembers being part of the Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners—and having a crush on Mark Ashton for all the right reasons

The "Beautiful Game" is Still the Most Homophobic

The world has changed, but the no-homo homoerotics of soccer haven’t