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March 2019

How Some Lesbian Bars Are Surviving (and Thriving) in 2019

Fighting off extinction, these brick-and-mortar establishments for lesbians and queer women are in it for the long haul.

Why Reproductive Justice Is an LGBTQ+ Rights Issue

Meet the queer folks revolutionizing the reproductive justice movement.

Black Trans Women Created the World's First Trans Cultural District

San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood has a rich history that is being reclaimed for a new generation.

Cool-Girl Chef Angela Dimayuga Opens a Gay Bar at The Standard

In her newest role, she's prioritizing queer people.

How Gloria Noto Created Her Queer Beauty Brand

Noto Botanics is centering wellness — and queerness — in beauty. 

How Queer Spaces Can Better Serve People With Disabilities

Ariana Grande’s go-to tattoo artist Mira Mariah explains why accessibility is a queer issue.

3 Nonbinary Femmes Describe What It's Like Not Being Men or Women

“Don't let yourself become a byproduct of fear because society has taught you that monotony is needed.”

This Director Sued The Kenyan Government To Screen Her LGBTQ+ Film

Wanuri Kahiu is still in court challenging the censorship of her film, ‘Rafiki.’

Artist Kia LaBeija Wants to ‘Make 100 Percent of the Profits’

The Overall Mother of the House of LaBeija breaks down how power works in the commercial art world — and how it shouldn’t.

An Ode To Femme Tops From One Thirsty Bottom

"How I love you, lust for you — worship you, even."

How Our Generation Is Changing the Definition of 'Femme'

Writer Jenna Wortham explores the term's new implications for our queer generation, and for herself.

AfterEllen Was a Refuge for All Queer Women — Until It Wasn’t

How did the beloved queer women's website become a bastion of anti-trans separatism?

Our March Cover Stars: The Mothers and Daughters of the Movement

Miss Major, Barbara Smith, Tourmaline, Alicia Garza, and Charlene Carruthers have a roundtable about the movement.

Stonewall Activist Miss Major Is Still Leading the Trans Revolution

Janet Mock writes about what’s next for this pillar of the LGBTQ+ community.

Tourmaline Not Only Tells Our Stories — She’s Putting Us in Museums

“We have always been here. We actually started this thing, and you need to educate yourself about that.”

Alicia Garza Coined "Black Lives Matter" — And Is Just Getting Started

“I wish people knew that to be an activist, you don’t have to have a bullhorn or a protest sign.”

Know Barbara Smith: One of Our First Proud, Out Black Lesbians

“I didn’t think about legacy while I was doing the work, although I hoped my work would not be erased.”