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The Next Generation of Hair Loss Treatments

The Next Generation of Hair Loss Treatments


A science-based natural alternative to leading pharmaceutical solutions.

For the past two decades, doctors relied on outdated science that propped up Propecia (finasteride) as the optimal treatment for hair loss. Unfortunately, the treatment comes with significant side effects, including reduced libido, impotence, erectile dysfunction, and ejaculation disorders. Shockingly, until 2012, these ailments were missing from its warning label, which, according to a recent study, disproportionately impact younger men:

"Men younger than 42 who took the drugs for seven months or longer had about five times the risk of long-term trouble getting erections."

So why would anyone trade hair loss for an adverse reaction with life-changing consequences?

Nutrafol's founders, Giorgos Tsetis, Roland Peralta and Dr. Sophia Kogan, driven by their own personal experiences with hair loss, decided to make a difference by upending the hair loss industry with new research and a breakthrough, natural formula that doesn't come with the risk of side effects. Giorgos Tsetis, an engineer and male model, starting losing his hair in his early 20's; Roland Peralta, a cancer-surviving entrepreneur, saw hair health improvement when taking naturals for his rheumatoid arthritis; and Dr. Sophia Kogan, a physician and medical researcher, also suffered from early onset thinning during med school. The three teamed up with world-renowned dermatologists and medical researchers in order to get to the root of what causes hair loss, and then work on reverse-engineering a drug-free and synthetic-free solution.

After years of research and clinical studies, Nutrafol's science is modernizing the misperception that nutritional deficiencies and DHT--the more potent form of testosterone--are the main causes at the root of hair loss. Expanding on decades-old research, the truth behind hair loss is there are actually multiple triggers--nutritional deficiencies, hormonal fluctuations (like DHT), and stress and inflammation--that all play a crucial role in triggering hair loss and thinning hair.


Nutrafol employs its Synergen Complex, proving its effectiveness by synergistically targeting these multiple triggers. The patent-pending solution is a powerful blend of nutraceuticals, which are plant-based ingredients that undergo safe and patented extraction processes before being standardized and clinically-tested for efficacy. What separates the nutraceutical process from other supplements is the clinically-tested standardization. Supplements in general are not regulated or standardized, meaning ingredient claims can fall anywhere between an effective dose to a sprinkle of an ingredient. Nutraceuticals, by their very nature, are held to pharmaceutical standards so their effectiveness can consistently be replicated, ensuring each dose is supported with real proof that it accomplishes what it says it will accomplish.

What you need to know about these ingredients:

  • USPlus(tm): Saw palmetto inhibits the DHT molecule targeted by conventional pharmaceuticals, but WITHOUT elevating the risk of sexual dysfunction.
  • Ashwagandha: An Ayurveda herb, works to decrease elevated cortisol levels. Extended stress leads to extended periods of high cortisol levels, which cause our Adrenal Glands to over-produce cortisol. This creates an imbalance between cortisol and the hormones that support healthy hair growth, causing the hair growth cycle to be disrupted.
  • Biocurcumin: A powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant that's extracted from turmeric. Inflammation interferes with your follicles' ability to receive proper nourishment, causing hair growth to slow and eventually cease. Biocurcumin is bio-optimized to maximize absorption, while also being clinically-shown to reverse inflammation, ensuring your follicles receive proper nourishment.

Ingredients matter. Healthy ingredients matter more, and in the search for an effective hair loss treatment, there's no need to risk side effects that damage your love life. (Nutrafol links to all medical peer review research on it's Ingredients page, which you can read here.)

Nutrafol has partnered with Out to offer an exclusive 20 percent off monthly memberships. Simply use the code "besthead17" during checkout, and take control of your hair loss. Find out more on the Nutrafol website.

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