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Robbie Rogers on How the Right Suit Can Change Your Whole Look

Robbie Rogers, TOPMAN

Dressing for an occasion? Robbie's got you.

Robbie Rogers looks good in a suit. From LA premieres to NYC launches, we've spotted him in clean designs with expertly styled accents. He often tops OUT's Best Dressed charts and is tapped for his style advice. After hosting this year's OUT Fashion Vanguard Awards, we caught up with Robbie for his insight on dressing for the occasion and what makes up the perfect suit.

OUT: Fashion and soccer feel like two different worlds and yet you've been able to establish a following and master the art of both. How do you think these two are connected?

I think fashion and soccer are both very creative fields. There aren't many set plays in soccer and when you watch the best players in the world, at times it seems like they are dancing on the field with the ball. Fashion is the same it allows us to tap into our inner creative space. When I am on the field or designing for Hampton+Baker I try to find my own interpretation of what makes me happy.

As someone whose agenda is packed with events on a weekly basis, what are some key style points, you look for when selecting a great suit for the red carpet?

Honestly the most important thing for me is the fit. I find that a well tailored silhouette goes a long way.

We recently sent you to TOPMAN's Los Angeles store to find a look from their spring suiting collection. What are some design details or features in men's evening wear that you look for?

I feel around the store through all of the fabric. When I'm looking for a suit the fabric and the fit are most important to me. I'm always more intrigued by suits that are a little different. Whether it be double-breasted or a large lapel, I try to have fun with my suits. At the end of the day they are just clothes.

What piece stood out to you most at the TOPMAN store? How would you incorporate it into your event repertoire?

I chose a really beautiful grey, double-breasted suit and decided to keep it casual with a blue knit polo. I would wear this to pretty much any event or nice dinner. The suit obviously is for a more formal occasion but by pairing it with the knit polo I find the whole look becomes more casual and wearable even to a simple dinner.

The best suits start with meticulous tailoring. How was the fit of each of the TOPMAN pieces you tried on?

I really loved the fit of each and every suit at the TOPMAN store. Very tailored yet comfortable, I felt like I could wear these suits all day.

Let's talk weddings. Like most dress codes these days, the rules at weddings have opened up. With summer weddings just around the corner, what's your go-to look?

I tend to wear lighter suits to day weddings and the opposite for evening weddings. Usually it's hot in California so I try to wear lighter fabrics in the day, but still stay true to a slim tailored suit. Sometimes I think men at summer weddings get carried away with prints or weird bow ties, I think it's best to keep it simple, especially at someone else's wedding. Don't steal the spotlight.

TOPMAN is giving us a vintage vibe this summer with clean tailoring and double breasted suits in premium fabrics. How would you describe your personal style?

I have fun with my personal style, but still try to find beauty in simplicity. Again, suits are just clothes, but I try to take pride in how I present myself. I believe a well-tailored suit that fits your body will speak more than a crazy pattern or color.

Robbie's full look can be purchased on

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