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Andy Cohen Thinks We Should Film Gay Porn in Brunei-Owned Hotels

The resistance will be televised.

Brunei Claims it Will Not Enforce Death Penalty for Gays

There has seemingly been no change to the actual law.

LGBTQ+ Activists Continued the International Boycott of Brunei

This weekend multiple physical protests were held and government agencies have come out against the nation's inhumane laws.

LGBTQ+ Activists Just Invaded Dorchester Hotel To Protest Brunei

The interruption came during afternoon tea.

Brunei-Owned Hotels Have Deleted Their Social Media Accounts

The change comes after calls for a boycott.

Stoning Gays to Death Officially Becomes Law in Brunei Today

Celebrities like George Clooney, Sir Elton John, and Ellen Degeneres as well as activists have called for boycotts of its hotels and airline.

Hotels of Hate: The Sultan of Brunei's 10 Properties to Avoid

The sultan of Brunei has reportedly enacted legislation that would sentence those convicted of "homosexual acts" to be stoned to death. Do you really think he deserves your business?

It’s Time to Boycott the Beverly Hills Hotel, Owned by Brunei, Again

The country is set to pass a law allowing gays to be stoned to death.

New Brunei Laws to Punish ‘Homosexual Acts’ by Stoning to Death

"It's absolutely crucial that the international community speak out now and demand that the Sultan of Brunei stop these barbaric changes," says the Human Rights Campaign.

Why the Met Should Boycott the Anti-LGBT-Owned Beverly Hills Hotel

James Duke Mason—writer, activist, and son of Belinda Carlisle—urges the Metropolitan Museum to cancel its event at the Beverly Hills Hotel, which is owned by the anti-LGBT Sultan of Brunei.

Fashionistas Shut Down Event Tied to Sultan of Brunei

Heavyweights in the fashion industry put their foot down on an event put on by the company owned by the antigay sultan of Brunei.

Anna Wintour & Fashion Leaders Boycott Sultan's Hotels

Fashion magazines and couture houses join Hollywood in turning backs on Dorchester hotels