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'Kink' Celebrates the Curious Puppies & Leather Daddies

Howard Schatz's new photography book is a visual love letter to fetish in all flavors.

Best Holiday Cocktails

Summer cocktails have their place, but the best cocktails come out to play in time for the holidays. Our official guide.

An Outlaw Spirit, Tamed

Candy is dandy (except when it’s moonshine).

Center Stage

The stars of Here Lies Love on their personal journeys of self-acceptance

The World's Coolest Car Still Has Its Mojo

The MINI was born out of the fuel crisis of the late '50s, became a pop icon in the '60s, and a model of efficiency in the '00s. It's still the best thing on four wheels

That List of Favorite Things Just Grew Longer

To doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles, you can now add grüner and zweigelt.

Brooklyn Bar Vekslers Gets the Formula Right

Leaning into the wind, a Brooklyn bar gets the formula right.

Wedding Planning: Sprinkles or Cream?

Of all the questions to consider for your wedding day, the hardest may be: Cake or pie?

The Manhattan Variety Show: A Sophisticated & Versatile Cocktail

The most sophisticated cocktail is also the most versatile.

Midnight in Paris: Hotel Jules et Jim

A bijoux hotel in the world’s most romantic city gets it just right.

Hotspots Succeed With East-meets-West Cocktails

Tarantino-meets–Wong Kar-Wai in these New York City cocktail hotspots

Days of Summer Wine

Our resident sommelier selects his favorite pours of the season.

Fashionably Old

One thing that requires no update at the refurbished Algonquin Hotel is the cocktail.

The Comeback: ABBA's Agnetha Fältskog

Her new album has already charted in the UK. What does the summer have in store for her?

Don't Sass the Sazerac

With Mardi Gras hard on our heels, it’s time to master New Orleans’s greatest cocktail.

Knowing Me, Knowing Chardonnay

An Abba-loving sommelier pairs 'Dancing Queen' with Shiraz, and then some.

American Revolution

Gin is getting a makeover.

Tutti Fruity

Pears, Rosemary, Douglas Fir -- you can infuse spirits with almost anything. (Just hold the whipped cream.)