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From the Vaults

The Rise of Miss J. Alexander

Before there was America's Next Top Model, there was a statuesque icon in the making. 

Eileen Myles Reflects on Sobriety in 'Coming Clear'

"When I stopped, what I discovered was a whole world. Yet, who was I now?"

She Kissed A Girl: Jill Sobule

Before there was Katy Perry there was Jill Sobule. 

Riot Grrrl Spotlight: Sexpod

Sexpod sounded like "demons and angels colliding in sexual ecstasy."

Filmmaker Debra Chasnoff's 1996 Look at Gay Inclusive Education

How the Oscar-winner took her camera into America's classrooms through It's Elementary

Allan Bérubé's Award-Winning Research on 'Queer Work'

Allan Bérubé's study of "queer work"—from nurses to nuns and UPS drivers—leads him to a prestigious award. 

John Waters on Tea Bagging, Gay Hollywood & Pecker

The auteur of the awful talks his obsessions featured in his 1998 film, Pecker

From the Vaults: Charles Busch's Gay Sensibility

After branching out, the drag actor eyes a return to gown theater. 

From the Vaults: Gay Novelist David Leavitt's Sex Problem

"Like many men of my generation, the open sexuality of gay life horrified me."

From the Vaults: A Tribute to Iconic '90s Gay Club Jackie 60

After nearly a decade of inspired debauchery, the nightclub of the '90s closed its doors.