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ricky martin

50 shirtless celebs to help you deal with this hot & sweaty summer

It's been a very hot summer, but looking at these shirtless celebs is a great distraction!

21 celebs who make manspreading look good

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This ink is immaculate!

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Out's Most Eligible Bachelors 2024: Ricky Martin

Out editors pen love letters to Hollywood's queer men who are changing the world with beauty, brains, and heart.

Ricky Martin ranks his top 3 most-used emojis—feet & peach included

The Puerto Rican superstar is currently promoting his performance on Apple TV+'s Palm Royale.

Ricky Martin isn't dating since divorce—but booty calls are welcome

Since splitting from Jwan Yosef in 2023, the Puerto Rican singer has embraced the "no strings attached (NSA)" lifestyle.

Queer celebrities react to Rafah massacre & show support for Palestine

Celebrities in the LGBTQ+ community are using their platforms to support Rafah.

Buzzcut or nah? Comparing how celebs look with buzzed vs. longer hair

As far as these celebrities are concerned, the buzzcut is back, baby!

Ricky Martin opens up (again!) about his love of feet

The View co-host Joy Behar got the heartthrob to spill even more tea about one of his true loves: feet.

15 hunky celebs in their shorty shorts that leave us weak in the knees

These guys look hot in their teeny tiny shorts!

Ricky Martin is thirst trapping in his boxers & the gays are WILDING OUT

"Alone now," the Puerto Rican singer, actor, and heartthrob wrote in a new post.

Ricky Martin reveals 'very discreet' man he's met in exclusive new 'Palm Royale' clip

"I just want to be a person," Ricky Martin says in this new scene from Palm Royale episode 7.

Let's all leave Ricky Martin (and his pants) alone

Ricky Martin's pants caused quite the stir at a recent Madonna concert.

Ricky Martin embraces 'sex symbol' label & shows off his V in low-rise pants

“Fantasize about me however you want to,” the Latin pop star said.

20 hotties who perfected the art of the mirror selfie

Taking mirror selfies as thirst traps is a cornerstone of gay culture.

10 LGBTQ+ actors who should totally star in the new 'Baywatch' reboot

These are queer celebs who we'd love to see wear the iconic red swimsuit!

Ricky Martin is opening up about his foot fetish—and he's not afraid to let the world know about it

The recently-single singer also revealed how he meets guys.