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jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez reveals how she chooses roles & which scene was cut from 'Atlas'

Hold onto your popcorn, because Jennifer Lopez, who spoke to Out, is about to take us on another cinematic thrill ride!

Ayo Edebiri left the church because of her gay & Muslim friends

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Meet Tonatiuh, the queer actor starring in Jennifer Lopez's new movie

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24 albums that turn 10 years old in 2024

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JLo opens up about trusting Ben Affleck to be a part of 'This Is Me...Now'

Out sat down with the legendary pop star and actress to chat about love, life, and her newest cinematic music project.

30 Adorable Pics of Lukas Gage & Chris Appleton As a Power Couple

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Yes, Jennifer Lopez Knows She's Mother

The music and movie icon chats with Out's Raffy Ermac about her new Netflix thriller and the impact she's had on her fans.