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Out cover star Joel Kim Booster reviews his body of work

The July/August cover star talks changing Hollywood (and himself) as a writer, actor, comedian, and aspiring "Asian sex symbol."

Jeremy Pope channels drag, bodybuilding, & God in new photo series

Jeremy Pope’s new photojournalism series, “FLEX(bitch),” examines what it means to be a man — with some help from Symone and the House of Avalon.

The Writers Strike Is Nearly Over—So What Does That Mean For the Actors Strike?

It's not quite back to business as usual in Hollywood just yet...

Documentary Director: Rock Hudson Didn't See 'Point' in Coming Out

The classic Hollywood icon is the subject of a new documentary.

WGA's Brittani Nichols on Why Queer Fans Should Support the Writer's Strike

Nichols, a writer on Abbott Elementary, has been one of the faces of the Writer's Strike in Hollywood.

Things Get Dark & Sexy in the Latest 'The Idol' Trailer

“When was the last truly f*cking nasty, nasty bad pop girl?”

Queer Style's Power to Fight Back Against Bigotry

Wearing the dress, the hairstyle, and the looks that express who you are is a triumphant expression of LGBTQ+ identity in the face of political vitriol.