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gus kenworthy

50 shirtless celebs to help you deal with this hot & sweaty summer

It's been a very hot summer, but looking at these shirtless celebs is a great distraction!

Gus Kenworthy's open letter to the LGBTQ+ Paris Olympians

The gay silver medalist offers queer pearls of wisdom for LGBTQ+ athletes competing at this year's Olympic Games.

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This ink is immaculate!

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Gus Kenworthy caves in & finally posts his 'hole' pic on Instagram

We’d love to go spelunking inside!

Gus Kenworthy Shows Off His Hairy Shirtless Chest in Steamy New Insta Post

The Olympian turned actor wants you to know the chest is chesting!

Gus Kenworthy Opens Up About 'Absolute Body Dysmorphia'

No matter who you are, body image issues can be difficult to deal with.

20 Steamy Pics of Shirtless Celebs to Celebrate the Summer

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Crop tops are for men too — and these celebrities are here to prove it.

10 Celebs Who Have Talked About Being on Grindr

These famous gay guys have had very different experiences on Grindr.

Gus Kenworthy Talks Leaving 'Special Forces: World's Toughest Test'

"I actually wanted to go back into the show and they wouldn't let me."

Gus Kenworthy's '80 for Brady' Gay Kiss Edited Out of Film

The Olympic athlete claims that his kissing scene in the film was cut.