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david archuleta

David Archuleta went shirtless to EDC & addressed social media critics

"I’m enjoying my process and journey," the singer wrote on Instagram.

David Archuleta dishes on queer life, viral TikToks & 'Hell Together'

"Growing up Mormon, you're not supposed to talk about this kind of stuff," David Archuleta tells Out. "But I don't have to dance around this anymore."

David Archuleta Got a Hickey & the Gays Are Ready For His 'Slutty Era'

David Archuleta has never seemed happier, and the gays are living for it!

'American Idol' Season 1 OG Jim Verraros Is Ready to Take His Bow

The out gay singer speaks to Out about his post-American Idol journey, the hiatus he took from the music industry, and why he’s chosen to come back with a new single titled “Take My Bow.”

Adore Delano Is Trans, Sober, & Looks Cooler Than Ever

“You have to be selfish in the beginning because you have to break the idea of what you were,” the Drag Race superstar tells Out about her transition. “You’re still the same person, but you have to recalibrate.”

David Archuleta Shuts Down TikTok of Man Who Claims They Went on a Date

“I’m not saying that he’s a bad-looking guy, it’s just I have a different type,” Archuleta said.

David Archuleta Is Now a Muscle Gym Hunk & We Have Pics to Prove It

The singer has come a long way since his stint on American Idol.