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Developed as a medication to treat HIV, PrEP has revolutionized the way gay men think about sex since it was approved for HIV prevention. Studies have found the pill to be nearly 100% effective at preventing infection if taken daily, easing a fear that a generation of gay men have struggled with. No matter whether you think Truvada will promote sexual openness or foster an attitude of irresponsibility, it's clear that this little blue pill is one of the biggest developments in the fight against HIV in a decade.

Jesse Montana Needs a Good Playlist and a Blue Pill for Love

The Ponyboy singer discusses the importance of music and PrEP to life and love.

How a Tap-Dance Costume Let Ryan Jamaal Swain Find Black Queer Power

The Pose star reflected on style's role in self-love, dating, and taking PrEP.

How Dave Coast Went From an Unhealthy Teen to a Master Nutritionist

The wellness blogger's relationship to food — and taking control of his health with tools like PrEP — is personal.

David Cruz's First-Date Advice to Queer Men? Get Coffee

Pacing is important to a budding romance, says the founder of Finding Cupid. And so are health preparations like PrEP.

Study: PrEP Use Is 'Low' Among Gay and Bisexual Men in America

Perceptions about the drug are improving.

The U.S. Government Just Sued Gilead Over PrEP

Activists say that the company owes a billion dollars in backpay to American taxpayers.

California Just Made a Historic Move In PrEP and PEP Expansion

Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill that will make both drugs available without a prescription.

Report: 15 Men Diagnosed With HIV While Awaiting PrEP

The instance underscores the need for wider accessibility of the drug.

Gilead May Owe $1 Billion For Truvada Claim

Advocates have discovered that the drugmaker never sought exclusivity for manufacturing Truvada.

PrEP and PEP Access Could Expand Under This Historic Bill

New legislation could make both medications, which fight the spread of HIV, easily available. 

PrEP “On Demand’ Is as Effective as Daily Usage

With recent news of a seroconversion utilizing this process otherwise known as "2-1-1," we asked Dr. Demetre Daskalakis how effective it is.

Another Man Using PrEP Has Been Diagnosed With HIV

The seroconversion occurred after employing an "on demand" dosing regimen.

Long-Lasting, Injectable PrEP Is Coming Soon, Scientists Say

Eventually, you may only have to take it once every six months.

Over a Third of Gay and Bi Men Now Take PrEP

That is a 500% increase in three years, according to the CDC.

HIV Rates Dropped for Almost Everyone—Except Some Gay and Bi Men

According to a new study from the CDC, HIV infection rates dropped 18% from 2008 to 2014, except among gay and bi men, ages 25 to 34, who saw an increase of 35%.