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mike white

When gay writer, director, and TV arteur Mike White was interviewed by Out for the Out 100 list in 2013, he explained a little bit about his artistic process. "I'm attracted to characters who are looking for ways to find meaning in their lives outside that traditional nuclear family model." These characters populate his dark and poignant creations like the 2000 queer drama Chuck & Buck, 2007's Year of the Dog, and the hard-hitting HBO series Enlightened, which premiered in 2011 and was cancelled after only two seasons, despite its widespread acclaim. "I feel like it's my job to provide an alternate type of story or protagonist," As long as he continues creating dark, conflicted, pathetic, and totally relatable female protagonists -- a character type he has developed well -- we'll keep watching.

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The TV dramedy that’s made New Age-y ethereal nonsense cool.

Catching Up With Mike White

In the auteur’s uncomfortable and poignant HBO comedy, 'Enlightened,' everything—and nothing—is illuminated.