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McArthur Joseph, The Renaissance Man

McArthur Joseph, The Renaissance Man


"When I'm on a park bench, I'm super into looking at what people are wearing. Living in NYC, you just pick up so many cool things from so many different people."

McArthur "Mac" Joseph is certainly a jack-of-all-trades. With an online blog, a great eye for photography, a talented ear for DJing, a sense of style, and writing skills to boast, Mac's someone to keep an eye on.

Growing up an hour outside of New York City in New Jersey, Mac always wanted to be in the city. From a young age, he knew he loved to write, enjoyed photography, fashion styling, and the aspect of throwing parties--but he didn't really know how to harness all these passions.

Apart from having a full-time job in digital PR, Mac manages a fashion and lifestyle blog. He started Daily Mister because he felt like there wasn't a blog for people who loved to dress like him and loved hip hop and its culture simultaneously. He enjoys thrift shopping to find items that fit his aesthetic, and is "always looking for color, texture, reflections."

Find out more about Mac in the fourth episode of The Six Pack, presented by Coors Light.

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