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Children of the Porn

I couldn’t help but wonder: am I addicted to watching people have sex online?

50 Biggest Gay Sex Symbols of All Time

These men caused sexual awakenings through the generations.

Friends without Benefits: Ending My Love/Hate Relationship with Grindr

At a certain point you have to ask yourself, ‘Aren’t you tired? Don’t you deserve better?’

Keep Your Friends Close & Your Enemas Closer

I couldn't help but wonder, "Is everyone using enemas before sex except for me?"

The Anti-Closet Case: Rembrandt Duran is On a Mission to Normalize Gay Sex

“I want people to say, ‘I had really amazing sex’ the same way you’d say you read a really great book.”

Wishful Kinking: Normalizing Queer Fetishwear Risks Making BDSM Irrelevant

In this new, sex-positive space, perhaps we can consider the ubiquity of fetishwear as a sign of change rather than simply a market trend.

Theo and Hugo: Love Story of the Queer Year

Theo and Hugo sets a high bar for movies about modern gay life.

Staying Vertical Explores the Spectrum of Gay Sexuality

When queer becomes surreal. 

Are You Having Enough Sex?

It's a question only you can answer.

In Odd Twist, Millennials Are More Sexually Fluid—But Have Less Sex

While this generation is less willing to admit to being strictly straight, people in their 20s and 30s are putting off sexual activity because of work and the online dating scene.

Parched: Summer & the Politics of Sexual Thirst

I’ve always wondered what it must be like to date as an attractive gay white man. To be at ease and not constantly at war within one’s own skin. To be able to say “it’s just sex.”

How Underground Cruising Can Ground Our Identity

"It gives men a place to experience things they want, but don’t feel ready to claim in their real lives."