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It Got Better

It Got Better Featuring Wanda Sykes

Comedian Wanda Sykes has always been known for her quick wit, but it wasn’t until coming out that she truly had the freedom to speak her mind.

It Got Better Featuring Candis Cayne

Even after decades of being bullied and judged for her sexual identity, Candis Cayne refused to be anyone but herself — eventually becoming part of history as the first trans actress on prime time television. 

It Got Better Featuring Raven-Symoné

After growing up in the public eye, Raven-Symoné was ready to take the secret of her homosexuality to the grave—until she fell in love. 

It Got Better Featuring Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert rejected the notion of “normal” in order to embrace both his individuality and his sexuality.

It Got Better Featuring EJ Johnson

No stranger to the spotlight, EJ Johnson shares his own fierce advice on coming out and accepting yourself. 

It Got Better Featuring Ian McKellen

Growing up in Northern England in the 1930s, being gay wasn’t just taboo — it was illegal. Sir Ian McKellen speaks about devoting his life to fighting for gay rights and how it felt coming out to the nation on public radio. 

It Got Better Season 2 Trailer

Growing up as a teenager isn't easy. Doing it when you're LGBT, even harder. Watch as Rosie O'Donnell, Portia De Rossi, Andrew Rannells, RuPaul, Janet Mock and Nate Berkus share their surprising and inspiring stories, from the producers of "Web Therapy" and the "It Gets Better" Project.

It Got Better Featuring Laverne Cox

She believed she was a girl, but everyone said she was a boy. Laverne Cox from Orange Is The New Black talks about being bullied, accepting her true self and proudly fulfilling her third-grade teacher's prediction. 

It Got Better Featuring Portia De Rossi

Portia de Rossi battled losing her father, bulimia, and a Hollywood perfection complex before she made it out of her twenties.

It Got Better Featuring George Takei

From a happy home, to a Japanese internment camp, to skid row, nothing could stop George Takei from making it in Hollywood. Not even extreme prejudice. Watch as one of the most outspoken gay actors shares his story.

It Got Better Featuring Tegan and Sara

Sara Quin grew up hiding a big secret. Little did she know, her twin sister was hiding the same one. Pop musicians Tegan and Sara share their story about growing up gay. 

It Got Better Featuring Jane Lynch

You might know her best for her role on Glee, but Jane Lynch wasn't always about song and dance. Jane shares what it was like growing up with an "affliction", and how New York's piano-bar scene changed her life. 

It Got Better Featuring RuPaul

It wasn’t until RuPaul fled his hometown for the bright lights of New York that he was able to find his tribe, and find himself.

It Got Better Featuring Tim Gunn

With a stutter and a bookworm demeanor, Project Runway's Tim Gunn was a magnet for bullies. Here, Tim exposes his difficult childhood and how one man helped him get through the darkest time of his life. 

It Got Better Featuring Rosie O'Donnell

Rosie O’Donnell made a career out of making us laugh. But her past heartbreaks are no laughing matter. Hear how losing her mother and becoming a mother herself inspired her to advocate for gay parents everywhere.

It Got Better Featuring Nate Berkus

It would be easy for Nate Berkus to feel like he was on the losing side of life. He lost his partner in a tragic turn of fate. It wasn't until he found love again that he was able to accept himself & reconcile his past.

It Got Better Featuring Janet Mock

Growing up in a traditional home made it difficult for Janet Mock to feel comfortable in her own skin. But when she came out as a trans girl in “Marie Claire,” she started a trend of acceptance in her own life.

It Got Better Featuring Andrew Rannells

Growing up gay isn’t easy. Growing up gay in Omaha, Nebraska, in the ’80s is a whole other story. Andrew Rannells shares his story about finding his voice, and himself, in the theater.

It Got Better Featuring Jason Collins

At 16, he realized he was different. But it wasn't until 18 years later that he finally found the courage to come out. Meet athlete and role model Jason Collins, a 16-year veteran of the NBA and destroyer of stereotypes.

It Got Better Season 1 Trailer

Growing up as a teenager isn't easy. Doing it when you're LGBT, even harder. Watch as Jane Lynch, Tim Gunn, Tegan and Sara, Jason Collins, Laverne Cox and George Takei share their surprising and inspiring stories, from the producers of "Web Therapy" and the "It Gets Better" Project.