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Gentlemanly Pursuits

Gentlemanly Pursuits: The Garden

Put on those rubber boots and dig!

Gentlemanly Pursuits: The Tennis Match

The sartorial rules of tennis, from Lacoste to Agassi

Gentlemanly Pursuits: The Gymnasium

Remembering a time when going to the gym was a simpler affair

Gentlemanly Pursuits: The Cocktail Party

Razzle dazzle 'em with these cocktail party must-haves.

Gentlemanly Pursuits: The Gypsetter

When you're looking for a bit more adventure—with style

Gentlemanly Pursuits: The Jetsetter

Travel titans who want a bit of Old World elegance need look no farther

Be a Gentleman for your Gentleman

Pack your partner but skip the passport with these homegrown American gems—both polished and a bit more relaxed for men in the know.

What's Hot in Dallas

What not to miss when visiting the Texas destination

Nate Berkus's Great Escape

What the interior designer brings on any trip

The Four Best Men's Haircuts

Chris Bair of Shorty's Barber Shop in Hollywood explains that gentlemen come in all shapes (and cuts)

A Gent's Guide to Houston

The dapper man's excursion into the south Texas metropolis

Gentlemanly Pursuits: The Library

Perusing bookshelves and looking the part

Gentlemanly Pursuits: The Golfer

Preppy? Sure! We can get behind the often-maligned sport for some seasonal inspiration

Gentlemanly Pursuits: The Surfer

Bring a touch of beachy charm and romance to seaside glamour

Gentlemanly Pursuits: The Races

Whether you're seeking Southern charm or just an excuse to look dapper, take the Derby as a guide