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OUT is the leading site for anything gay entertainment. Whether it is finding out the latest celebrity pop news or the hottest new movie currently out, OUT is your go-to site. From having openly gay powerhouse artists like Sam Smith and Adam Lambert on their covers, to allies like Lady Gaga and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, OUT always brings you the latest in pop stars. If you want to find out what new shows are out or what show or movie has the best LGBT characters then OUT is the place for you.

A timeline of every winner of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' around the world

Our full timeline of every single winner of RuPaul's Drag Race in chronological order.

Omar Apollo hilariously shut down a hater who was shaming his femme side

A social media user had no chance going up against the Grammy-nominated singer.

15 pics of 'Drag Race' pit crew member Calixto Quan to make you swoon

Ever since his first appearance, this Pit Crew member has had Drag Race fans falling in love!

The 10 ACTUAL hottest animated Daddies ever

We have some strong opinions on animated dads!

After Peppermint's exit, Alan Cumming 'lobbied hard' for more queer contestants on 'The Traitors'

Cumming "lobbied hard" for more queer contestants after Peppermint was the first person banished last season.

10 songs 'Glee' would absolutely perform if it was still airing in 2024

We're terrified that Glee would perform these songs if it was still airing...

Fans accuse Gottmik of stealing Nikki Glaser's jokes—'All Stars 9' queen responds

A viral video is comparing Gottmik's Roast set from RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 9 to jokes from Nikki Glaser.

Nava Mau: 'Baby Reindeer' takes a 'sledgehammer' to the patriarchy

Baby Reindeer star Nava Mau is excited to bring a new type of transgender representation to Hollywood.

Antoni is in his Single Boy Body era & the gays are losing their minds

The food and wine expert of Netflix's Queer Eye is now serving body-ody-ody!

These LGBTQ+ celebrity couples broke up in 2024 (so far)

Various reports and social media updates indicate that these LGBTQ+ celebrity couples are no longer together.

These are the LGBTQ+ shows & stars the Out staff thinks deserve some Emmy love

Emmy voting has officially started, and here's who we think deserves some love this year!

Buh-Bye! These 12 LGBTQ-inclusive shows are ending in 2024

In 2024, we’re saying goodbye to these TV shows featuring queer characters.

20 steamy pictures of 'Bros' & Hallmark stud Luke Macfarlane

Luke Macfarlane welcomed his first child in 2023, becoming an official daddy!

These are the celebs who came out in 2024 (so far)

Congratulations to these celebs for living their best, most authentic lives this year!

'Inside Out 2' leaves us in a tangle of emotions—but how gay is it?

How many eggplants does the latest Disney/Pixar film get on Out's state-of-the-art Eggplant Rating System?

Colton Underwood exits a hot tub James Bond-style & we're hypnotized

The Bachelor star really likes hot tubs, and we love that for him.

We are so over the homophobic marketing campaign for 'Deadpool & Wolverine'

According to Marvel Studios, gay is only okay when it's a joke.

Meet the 8 queer Filipino cuties looking for love in 'Sparks Camp' season 2

The Philippines' beloved gay dating reality show is returning for a second season with all-new hotties!

Meet the bearded muscle daddy who designs the pope's beautiful clothes

Filippo Sorcinelli has been designing vestments for the pope for over 20 years!

After being outed, Us the Duo's Carissa Rae Martin is ready to speak her truth—on her own terms

In a personal op-ed for Out, the singer is ready to share her story about coming to terms with her queerness and reclaiming her power after it was taken from her.