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"I'm With Her," more like "I'm With Cher"

August 03 2016 1:13 PM

With new developments in Cher: The Musical, let's take a look back at the diva's greatest performances from her eponymous '70s variety show. 

April 28 2016 4:45 PM

There's finally a script!

April 20 2016 3:50 PM

Seeing Chad Michaels perform to a mashup track of “If I Could Turn Back Time” and “Dark Lady” made my young gay life.

April 04 2016 1:44 PM

Something wicked this way's Chad Michaels, Coco Peru, and Peaches Christ!

March 03 2016 3:45 PM

"[Trump] wants the job because it's the ultimate deal, and he's the ultimate ego."

January 25 2016 1:58 PM