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My Queer Latino Heart Aches for Orlando Victims

The Latino element to the Orlando story is why I will forever feel wounded; it’s just too damn personal for an out brown boy like me.

I Was Silent When I Witnessed Anti-Trans Bias: But What Should I Have Done?

When confronted with trans-discrimination, I balked at taking action. How should I respond to anti-LGBT situations?

Op-Ed: Are Some People Unattainable?

Welcome to the 'No Potential League.'

My Worst First Date Ever

It seemed to be going so good — until he said all the wrong things.

Op-Ed: Sorry, Vatican: Kim Davis Won (Round 1 at Least)

The Vatican now says the Kentucky clerk was not provided special treatment, but my faith in the pope has already been questioned.

My Weekend with Francis

I sure looked cute for the Pope.

Xorje Olivares on Meeting Azealia Banks

A fan of the rapper, I asked her why she keeps using the 'F-word' to refer to gay men like me.

Op-Ed: A Gay Trump Supporter? Oh, I Met Him

Everyone knew about the gay Republican in the room — but no one knew what to do.

Op-Ed: Why I Love #Masc4Masc Guys

Is 'that guy' necessarily a bad guy for preferring 'masculine' traits over 'feminine' ones?

Why the VMAs Were the Queerest Show on Earth

The amount of times MTV bleeped Miley during the 32nd Annual Video Music Awards proved that the network clearly stood for ‘Miley’s Totally Vulgar,’ y’all. But this year’s VMAs clearly stood for 'Vocalizing Music’s Acceptance.'

Op-Ed: Facebook Keeps Me Gay

Why I'm one of the proud billion daily users

Op-Ed: Michael Sam: The Typical Millennial

As any person of color understands: We don't get to feel entitled.

On A Scale of 1 to 10, I'm Conflicted

How do we calculate one's true worth when it's all based on surface features?

Buzz Bissinger, Classic ‘He Said, She Said’

What is it like to meet the man who wrote the Caitlyn Jenner cover story?

Diva Interrupted: Remembering Selena

On the 20th anniversary of her death, writer Xorje Olivares remembers Selena

Op-ed: Owning My Faith

Xorje Olivares writes about why he participated in a new video project created by the LGBT ministry at New York City's Church of St. Paul the Apostle, OwningOurFaith.