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Cruising Between the Art World and the Gay World in Before Pictures

Douglas Crimp's latest memoir provides invalubale insight into the queer art scene of 1960s and '70s New York City.

Need to Know: Transgender Advocate Michaela Mendelsohn Is Leaving Her Mark

From Orange is the New Black to the Trevor Project, the restaurateur is a trailblazer for transgender rights and representation.

How Underground Cruising Can Ground Our Identity

"It gives men a place to experience things they want, but don’t feel ready to claim in their real lives." 

Happy Birthday to the Late and Great Prince

Prince spent his career celebrating gender fluidity and defying categories of straight and gay.

Bette Davis and Joan Crawford: The Original Star Wars

A long time ago on a studio lot far, far away...

Meet Martine Stonehouse, a Trans Woman with Asperger Syndrome, Fighting for Equality

"I really think it can be a valuable tool to educate the public to show them that trans people are everyday people trying to make a living in this world."

Exclusive: The Pain of Ex-Gay Conversion Therapy Experienced Firsthand

In the memoir, Boy Erased, author Garrard Conley explores faith, sexual identity, and conversion therapy.

Happy Birthday, John Waters! Revisiting His Most Shocking Moments on Film

Why we continue to return to some of those shocking and controversial images captured by John Waters’s film camera

Gay Syllabus: The Talented Patricia Highsmith

Known to most for her novels Strangers on a Train and The Talented Mr. Ripley, it's time to remember one of the greatest lesbian writers of the 20th century.

10 Greatest Queer Moments From Todd Haynes

The pioneering filmmaker has developed queer characters for decades. Now he's back with Carol, a lesbian romance starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara.

Remembering the Streets of Philadelphia

We look back at how much has changed in the two decades since the movie changed the hearts and minds of millions.

In Cold Blood: An Overlooked Gay Classic?

With the 50th anniversary of its publication, Truman Capote's novel proves its worth in the queer literary cannon

Like a Virgin Madonna 30th Anniversary

It's been more than 30 years since Madonna released Like a Virgin, and its notoriety as an album of frank female sexual expression remains unabated.

Why Julianne Moore Deserved to Win an Oscar

...and it wasn’t just for Still Alice

Julianne Moore as Queer Icon of Cinema

A look at the career of one of America's most treasured actors who has helped define gay identity through her eclectic film career.

Notes on Madonna’s 'Living For Love' Video

The Queen of Pop once again masters men and her enemies.