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Why Amy Winehouse Played a Losing Game

Throughout her brief and garlanded career, Amy Winehouse fought the industry to make her music as pure and unengineered as possible. She only half succeeded — and paid a heavy price. 

Must-Read: Garth Greenwell's What Belong To You

In his debut novel, What Belongs to You, Garth Greenwell hews glorious fiction from gritty experience. 

Writer Bruce Benderson Leaves Manhattan After a Tramautic Breakup

A breakup left Bruce Benderson to contemplate the post-Manhattan place where he’d ultimately live and die.

The Queen of Satire

The stories of Puerto Rico’s Luis Negron conjure a world that gay assimilation sought to excise.

The Evil of Banality

Novelist Bruce Benderson talks to the director of 'Michael,' this year's most provocative movie.

Dirty Looks Goes On Tour

The GLBT film and video series surfaces out West

Physique Pictorial

It pains me to admit that I remember when gay pornography didn't show frontal nudity. That's when I had my 14-year-old erotic moments in the town's used magazine store, thumbing through back issues of Physique Pictorial as a cloth tent poked embarrassingly from my trousers. Wish you were there.