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Hit List

Sense8 Star Jamie Clayton's Mission to Eliminate Labels

"The only thing that should go before ‘actress’ is ‘award-winning.'"

The Hit List 2016

Your summer agenda starts here.

How Nyle DiMarco is Changing the Hearing World

He's a model with a cause.

Pop Sisters Tegan & Sara Break New (Queer) Ground

The duo has left moody alt-rock behind for greener pastures: mainstream pop

Cameron Esposito, Lesbian Comedian & Your Future President

Esposito isn't afraid to make the comedy world gay.

Designer Andre Landeros Michel is Making Fashion Genderless

For his gender-neutral fashion line, the designer has plumbed the world of ’90s New York nightlife.

Bindle & Keep Design Suits of Armor for Trans Clientele

Daniel Friedman and Rae Tutera’s Brooklyn company is fashionably suiting up trans clients. 

Why Actor Huw Collins is the Prettiest Little Liar

It's hard being pretty on the prettiest show on television.

Rufus Wainwright on Music, Gay History, and Informing the Next Generation

The pioneering musician looms large this summer, but he’s more interested in the long view.