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WATCH: Sean Hayes Jingles With Babs for Christmas

The comic actor's sugar-fueled Christmas fantasy includes Barbra Steisand and a psychedelic trip complete with dancing pastries.

WATCH: You're a Mean One, Mr. Trump

Donald Trump gets a Grinch makeover in a new comedy video from College Humor.

New Nordstrom Ad Features Kissing Couple

An engaged gay couple stars in Nordstrom's holiday themed ad, 'The Homecoming.'

WATCH: Shoe Commercial Features Gay Dads

Famous Footwear's latest ad shows children having dinner with their two dads, who gently enforce a wholesome rule of no electronics at the dinner table.

Miss America Contestants Slam Kim Davis, Trump

Three Southern Miss America contestants sided with 'liberal' positions when questioned.

Watch: Rugby Star Gareth Thomas Talks Coming Out in 'Never Alone'

He explains why he came out to his team and the world in a new advertisement from Guinness 

WATCH: Dan Savage Tackles Kentucky Clerk’s Marriage Hypocrisy

Dan Savage appeared on MSNBC's The Last Word and pointed out Kim Davis' moral double standards on marriage.

Watch What Happens When a Gay Man Proposes in His Methodist Church in Austin

After Trevor Harper surprised his boyfriend with a marriage proposal at church, the congregation did something you likely wouldn't expect.

Alan Turing's Personal Letters Reveal His Inner Turmoil

Newly released handwritten letters sent by Alan Turing after his conviction for 'gross indecency' reveal his candid thoughts about his sexuality.

WATCH: John Oliver Explains the Equality Act

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver tackled the state of nondiscrimination laws in the United States and the proposed Equality Act.

Wonder Woman Officiates Same-Sex Wedding in Upcoming Issue

Plus, she educates Clark Kent in the process

Rosie O'Donnell Responds to Donald Trump's Debate Insult

After Donald Trump insulted Rosie O'Donnell during last night's Republican debate, the actress and commentator took to Twitter.

Gay Couple from Hillary Campaign Video Tie the Knot

The couple from Hillary Clinton campaign video were married in Chicago.

Sweeping Federal LGBT Rights Bill Would Give Full Federal Protections

The Equality Act would include protections in public accommodations, public education, employment, housing, federal funding, jury service, legal protections, and credit.