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50 Radical Ideas

Cruising Will Make an Analog Comeback

50 Radical Ideas: Apps be gone! Eventually, meeting and hooking up will be analog once more. 

Want To Really Make Hollywood Inclusive? Let Black Trans People Lead

50 Radical Ideas: Imagine what the industry would look like if the most marginalized of us had the head seat at the table.

We Should All Do Relationships Like Polyamorists

Writer and professional slut Tina Horn sheds some light on how the poly lifestyle can set you free.

Here's How You Can Prevent Fatphobia in the Queer Community

The arbiter of bear culture Corbin Chamberlin sounds off on fatphobia.

Model Aaron Philip on Why Fashion Isn't Just for the Able-Bodied

"I’m a Black woman in a wheelchair, who is trans, and I want to be respected for that."

Gendered Award Show Categories Are 'Archaic and Unnecessary'

50 Radical Ideas: “I am interested in a future that puts all performers into one category, as we do with director, cinematographer, all of the other categories,” says Asia Kate Dillon.

What If LGBTQ+ People Stopped 'Coming Out?'

50 Radical Ideas: Author-activist Jacob Tobia imagines a world where ‘coming out’ is no more.

HIV/AIDS Will Be Cured by Medicine — and Activism

50 Radical Ideas: Scientists and activists have been fighting for decades to eradicate HIV. Eventually, their work will converge to get rid of HIV once and for all. 

LGBTQ+ History Should be Mandatory in Schools

50 Radical Ideas: Queer students should be taught to know themselves and the brilliant legacy that they’re a part of.

Six LGBTQ+ Activists on What We Should Abolish and Legalize by 2069

50 Radical Ideas: Let’s rethink the institutions and laws that shape our world.

Pride Parades Just Don’t Need Police Officers

50 Radical Ideas: Activist Wriply Bennet on protesting the police at Columbus Pride in Ohio, and why LGBTQ+ parades just don’t need the cops

3 Band-Aids for Our Crumbling Capitalist World

Housing, health care, education — seems simple enough, right?

The Future of Queer Nightlife Won't Encourage Substance Abuse

Sober nightlife producer Oly Innes talks about how entertaining and empowering club spaces can be without alcohol.

You Can’t Fix All Your Friends’ Queer Trauma

“Unless we’re social workers, we’re not social workers, so employ boundaries and share your limitations as openly as you do your empathy."

Disabilities Are Not Your Inspiration Porn

“What if we viewed disability as a generative force? Something powerful and a source of creativity, innovation, and joy?”