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The 'Happily Divorced' star continues to answer your dating questions

March 28 2012 11:06 AM

The Weinstein Co. protests documentary's rating by not having one at all

6:00 PM

Fiona Apple in concert

5:37 PM

Filmmaker Travis Matthews could use a hand—if you've got at least one free

3:53 PM

'Submissions Only' stars Kate Wetherhead and Colin Hanlon on the sweet, silly world of actors and gay casting directors

3:50 PM

The 'White Collar' hunk debuts as Darren Criss's brother

3:37 PM

MSNBC host's new book 'Drift' dedicated to former VP

2:23 PM

Listen to a brand new track from the Brooklyn-based group

12:07 PM

The Material Girl swaps swipes with Deadmau5 over supposed drug reference

11:38 AM

Cody Critcheloe's love grows in the dark

10:28 AM