Felice Picano Picks His Favorite Books of 2014

The author chooses Sarah Waters, David Mitchell, Ha Jin, and more to add to your reading list

A Family Affair

Fans of Alejandro Gonz'lez I''rritu or Krzysztof Kieslowski will likely be drawn to Fatih Akin's The Edge of Heaven. …

By Dale Peck

The Gay Agenda

FLICK: Steven Spielberg is finally back behind the camera, as opposed to behind the checkbook, with the much-anticipated …

By Bill Chenevert

The Gay Plot

Since George W. Bush made opposition to gay marriage a centerpiece of his 2004 reelection campaign, 24 states have …

By Ilya Marritz

Swish and Swagger

If you ask author Joel Derfner why his spot-on accounts of modern gay life resonate with barflies and bookworms alike, …

By Jerome Murphy

The Gay Agenda

FLICK: The Pevensie siblings are back in another installment of C. S. Lewis' fantasy series with The Chronicles of …

By Bill Chenevert

Cultural Czarina

For unstoppable socialite Zelda Kaplan, the champagne flute is always full, the velvet rope invisible, the pleasure …

By Out.com Editors

Can I Be Blunt? Tori Spelling

1. Let me find out for myself that the guy I'm dating is gay. Maybe he just thinks Manhunt is the new Friendster.2. …

By Out.com Editors

The Gay Agenda

FLICK: It's about time the Wachowski brothers gave us something good. Three years after V for Vendetta, they unleash …

By Bill Chenevert

Sexy Now

For English-born design duo Rag & Bone, consideration for homegrown American manufacturing and high-quality fabrics …

By Out.com Editors

From Gulag to Gallery

In 1962 the police department of Mansfield, Ohio, set up a camera behind a two-way mirror in a local public restroom. …

By Nicholas Weist

The Bathroom Chronicles

I was in Houston recently for my cousin's bar mitzvah, held at one of those …

By T Cooper

Sour (And Good) Times

Few records have whipped discriminating music fans into a frenzy of anticipation as intensely as Portishead's Third. On …

By Barry Walters

The Gay Agenda

TUBE: Up until the present Gossip Girl has yielded little truly gay content for its huge queer audience (that is, beyond …

By Bill Chenevert

Where Are the Gay Republicans?

A note from the editor of Out: Charles Kaiser's article in the May issue, Washington's Gay War, generated far more than …

By Charles Kaiser


By Out.com Editors

The Gay Agenda

ENGAGEMENT: In A Catered Affair playwright-actor Harvey Fierstein, composer John Bucchino, and director John Doyle unite …

By Edgar Casillas